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What's I-AM

“One Person – One Unique Identifier”
Thanks to I-AM, you can access all services with one single credential: your own identity.

  • Access the service

  • Notifications

  • Enter your code

  • Use your service

Why I-AM?

Why should I choose I‑AM?

Join the community

We only ask for a username, your mail, and nothing else. In addition, the few required data are encrypted!


I-AM is a collaborative project and does not hide you anything.

One person – One unique identifier

One credential for all of your services. You do not need to remember username and password of bank, e-mail, etc …

Safety first of all

I-AM uses the best cryptographic technologies to protect your data

Customizable and extensible

Thanks to our open source. I-AM can easily and very fast, be extended with new features or customized to meet specific needs


Just certified, cns, smartcard and ingenious readers. The only device you need is your smartphone.


Users and profiles

There are 3 profiles for identity

  • Certified I-AM
    User reliable identification
  • Self-certified I-AM
    Self-registration with document
  • Uncertifed I-AM
There are 3 profiles for identity